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It’s All about the love this February!

It is all about the love this February!

 Starting off this Saturday at 10:30 am at the Ste Anne Market   

We will be playing all jazz love songs for a special St Valentine Day show.  

Kimberley Beyea voice and flute, Barry Turner on guitar and Matt Cabana on the bass.

kimberley beyea trio-love stories

 I am a busy bee speeding the love this Saturday.   I will be singing in a latin jazz show with Los Mapaches.

Show starts at 6 pm. 

Dinner and a show all for a good cause

More info below  

We are currently booking for the summer and applying to festivals and outdoor concerts.  

We are pleased to announce we will be back at Ribfest this upcoming August.  

We are always updating our event page with upcoming shows. 


Kimberley Beyea performs on Global News


We are so happy to be playing Robin des Bois again tonight . Great food and you are giving money to charities by eating there. Check out the interview and performance we did this Monday on Global tv.




kimberley performs on global news



 kimberley beyea and richard Deganaiskimberley beyea trio on global


My Only Vice

Well here we are at the end of our six week journey!  I can not believe I wrote six songs in six weeks.  There has been a lot of personal issues going on in my life but I stayed to the plan and got her done!


This week we had to Collaborate with a fellow song writer.  I was very nervous going into the week I had never collaborated before.  Well I guess I collaborate all the time with my band but it is so natural I never give it a second thought.  So Matt Gerber and I had a conversation on Skype and then we sent emals back and forth with mp3 tracks of the song and viola, “My only Vice was born!

My only vice (with Matt)


Week 5

Shine Baby Shine!

Hey guys this week I had to dive into my unconscious and write fro five days and then make a song out of your writing.  It was a lot of fun and Mike Arless (bass player from my band Sharp Tongue came up with this killer bass line that inspired the song!  So grateful to work with such talented people!

Shine Baby Shine

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April 2, 2014 1:23 pm

My Love Cliqué and Tooth Fairy

Hi All! So we are in week four of the song writing challenge.  This week was a huge challenge for me!  We had to write a song using a rock cliqué.  Well it is a cliqué but it is definitely not rock!  So my cliqué I started with was, “My heart burns for you, brighter then the stars.”

Could not get the chords just right and i decided just to share the vocals and keep working on it.  It is not prefect but I really am pleased with the song.





Taste the wine
Say you’ll be mine

I’ll dance across this land

Paris calls my name at night
Say the word
I’ll book the flight
We’ll fly to our desire.

My heart burns for you
Brighter then the stars
On those lonely night

I fantasize and there you are

Now those days are gone
Memories lost in time
My heart still beats strong
My love for you is sublime

Please don’t talk to your friends
Don’t breathe a


single word
Let’s run away into the dark
Your hidden lo

ve has left a mark
On my heart and my mind


Taste the wine
Say you’l be mine
We’ll dance across this land

Paris calls my name at night
Say the word
I’ll book the flight
We’ll fly to our desire.


Week 3  Tooth fairy

Well on week three we had to write something completely outside the box.  The kids were on March break and my daughter lost her tooth so I wrote a rap about the tooth fairy.  It is silly and fun and the kids in my Music and Movement program just loved it!

My tooth is loose
It’s driving me mad.
It’s wiggling and throbbing
It’s making me sad
No apples for me
Until this tooth is free
Why don’t you just let me be

I hate this tooth
It has a cavity
It’s bleeding and sore
Tie it to the door
Oh sweet release
It’s finally out
What’s this tooth fairy all about

Tooth fairy, tooth fairy what a sight

Tooth fairy, tooth fairy she rides at night
Tooth fairy, tooth fairy look at her go
Tooth fairy, tooth fairy what a show

I’ll stay awake till she flies in my door
No sleep tonight
till she walks on my floor
I can’t believe it
She’s really here
She looks at me and says “Have no fear”
“I come in peace, I come for a tooth
I’ll pay good money
if you let it loose.
What a sight, so tiny and fair
With her sparkling wings
and her long blond hair


Then the tooth fairy said
What a grouch
He wouldn’t let me put his tooth in my pouch
She sprinkled some dust upon my head
I sneezed twice and fell on my bed
When I awake the tooth was gone

There was no money

She was a con!
Just a note
that said thanks for the tooth
Sorry but
I ran out of loot
I’ll return late tonight
please keep on the light
So the story goes
she did come back
was true to her word
and as she flew
I yelled into the night

Have a safe fairy flight

Chorus x2

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March 17, 2014 2:20 pm

Winter You’ve Gone too Far

Week two of the S.A.C. challenge has come and gone!  I went into my world and I realised I am done with winter!  Probably not the only one feeling this way this week.  Although I did have fun sliding and skating with my family.  The news isn’t all bad.  I hope you enjoy the song

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March 2, 2014 10:46 pm

My Love For You

MY LOVE FOR YOU                                                                                                                 February 23 rd 2014

Happy Sunday everybody! I decided to participate in a six week song writing challenge with S.A.C.  This is the first week and I had to come up with a catch phrase and write a song around it.  “My love for you” is what i came up with.  Here is the song .  I really enjoyed writing and recording this tune.  It was great to have a deadline!  When you are writing for yourself there are no deadlines, and songs are never really finished.

Big thanks to my band Sharp Tongue who helped me record the song.  Andrew Cabana on guitar, Mike Arless on bass, and Jon Farley on drums, you guys are the best and I am very lucky to play with you.

Love Kimberley






It’s all about love and music

Well it has been too long time since I have blogged.              November 10th 2013

Life is so full and busy but I am grateful for it all!    

Shows, recordings, rehearsals,  writing new music,

students, music & movement and time with the ones I love









(Photo James McCunn)



We are so happy to be back in the studio recording our new   music.  It is a joy to play with Barry Turner and Mark Rief.  Come check us out live this Saturday Nov. 16th  7 pm at the Griffintown Cafe. (Notre Dame Ouest Montreal.  For reservations (514) 931-5299


Finally we have a band name!  The band has been busy recording and really having a great time playing music and writing new tunes.  Here is our newest song, “My Love for you”, a clip from a show we did at Herb’s Cafe.  

We started a facebook page!  Come show us some love.


Love Share events is honoured to announce the winners of their dream wedding give away.  Gabriel had preposed to Joanie but they discovered that their little Jacob was suffering from juvenile arthritis.   They have struggled through medical difficulties and getting married slipped to the bottom of their to do list.  


The members of Love Share Events will be collectively donating the wedding of their dreams.  I am so excited to be singing at this wedding and to be involved with Lover Share.  


Every love story deserves a happy ending.  

We will be creating a blog so you can follow along with the couple on their journey.


Soaking up the Summer

Soaking up every inch of summer and my kids before back to school. Big weekend for us. It is our 11th wedding anniversary. My hubby and I are both working. So let me take this opportunity to say Happy Anniversary Drew, thanks for your constant support and love. As our life grows and changes I love you more with every passing day.

Rock band names of the week, Willow tree Four, Life size Action Figures, and Mike and the Mice (wonder who came up with that one Mike). Any band suggestions are welcomed! We have been working hard on recording our new music. We just posted, “This Lonely night”. Please have a listen.

A West Island family lost everything in a fire and the community of Kirkland has rallied around them and organised a Street Fair. Barry and I were asked to play and we are so proud to be involved. Please come out to support this family and enjoy a fun filled day. We start playing at 12 pm. There is a BBQ, garage sale, kids activities, a Dj and loads more. Saturday August 17th John White street Fair in Kirkland. For more info:

Barry and I are happy to be apart of the Third Annual D’Exposions D’Arts at Cafe Herb’s , 142 Rue Ste Anne, Ste Anne des Bellevue, 514-457-1150. We will be playing Saturday @ 4:30 pm. This is a fantastic event with music, art, and poetry being created right on location. The food is amazing too, love the burritos. Saturday and Sunday noon till 6 pm.

A few months ago I joined a collaborative non profit group of event industry professionals called “Love Share”.  It is truly amazing and a daily blessing to me.    We came together to promote and support one another. Our common theme is “to pay it forward”.  The launch of the group is next Wednesday August 21st at L’Ambroisie at 5:30 pm.  Come experience a Love Share event first hand.  My jazz Trio are so excited to be playing at such a beautiful venue and to be apart of  this unique group.

Big contest news will be  announced at the event.   It is invite only,  if u would like to attend email me @  Come check out our site:

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August 15, 2013 6:22 pm
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