My Love Cliqué and Tooth Fairy

Hi All! So we are in week four of the song writing challenge.  This week was a huge challenge for me!  We had to write a song using a rock cliqué.  Well it is a cliqué but it is definitely not rock!  So my cliqué I started with was, “My heart burns for you, brighter then the stars.”

Could not get the chords just right and i decided just to share the vocals and keep working on it.  It is not prefect but I really am pleased with the song.





Taste the wine
Say you’ll be mine

I’ll dance across this land

Paris calls my name at night
Say the word
I’ll book the flight
We’ll fly to our desire.

My heart burns for you
Brighter then the stars
On those lonely night

I fantasize and there you are

Now those days are gone
Memories lost in time
My heart still beats strong
My love for you is sublime

Please don’t talk to your friends
Don’t breathe a


single word
Let’s run away into the dark
Your hidden lo

ve has left a mark
On my heart and my mind


Taste the wine
Say you’l be mine
We’ll dance across this land

Paris calls my name at night
Say the word
I’ll book the flight
We’ll fly to our desire.


Week 3  Tooth fairy

Well on week three we had to write something completely outside the box.  The kids were on March break and my daughter lost her tooth so I wrote a rap about the tooth fairy.  It is silly and fun and the kids in my Music and Movement program just loved it!

My tooth is loose
It’s driving me mad.
It’s wiggling and throbbing
It’s making me sad
No apples for me
Until this tooth is free
Why don’t you just let me be

I hate this tooth
It has a cavity
It’s bleeding and sore
Tie it to the door
Oh sweet release
It’s finally out
What’s this tooth fairy all about

Tooth fairy, tooth fairy what a sight

Tooth fairy, tooth fairy she rides at night
Tooth fairy, tooth fairy look at her go
Tooth fairy, tooth fairy what a show

I’ll stay awake till she flies in my door
No sleep tonight
till she walks on my floor
I can’t believe it
She’s really here
She looks at me and says “Have no fear”
“I come in peace, I come for a tooth
I’ll pay good money
if you let it loose.
What a sight, so tiny and fair
With her sparkling wings
and her long blond hair


Then the tooth fairy said
What a grouch
He wouldn’t let me put his tooth in my pouch
She sprinkled some dust upon my head
I sneezed twice and fell on my bed
When I awake the tooth was gone

There was no money

She was a con!
Just a note
that said thanks for the tooth
Sorry but
I ran out of loot
I’ll return late tonight
please keep on the light
So the story goes
she did come back
was true to her word
and as she flew
I yelled into the night

Have a safe fairy flight

Chorus x2

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