My Only Vice

Well here we are at the end of our six week journey!  I can not believe I wrote six songs in six weeks.  There has been a lot of personal issues going on in my life but I stayed to the plan and got her done!


This week we had to Collaborate with a fellow song writer.  I was very nervous going into the week I had never collaborated before.  Well I guess I collaborate all the time with my band but it is so natural I never give it a second thought.  So Matt Gerber and I had a conversation on Skype and then we sent emals back and forth with mp3 tracks of the song and viola, “My only Vice was born!

My only vice (with Matt)


Week 5

Shine Baby Shine!

Hey guys this week I had to dive into my unconscious and write fro five days and then make a song out of your writing.  It was a lot of fun and Mike Arless (bass player from my band Sharp Tongue came up with this killer bass line that inspired the song!  So grateful to work with such talented people!

Shine Baby Shine

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